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Contact Form for Parents Impacted by the Child Welfare System

If you are a parent impacted by the child welfare system and are interested in joining Rise, we invite you to complete this form. We will save your contact information and reach out to you about opportunities to get involved that are a fit for your interests and location. 

Unfortunately, Rise is not able to provide assistance and support with individual child welfare cases.

Coronavirus Impact on Parents

You are not alone.

Please share your experience with Rise. We are working to uplift parents’ voices and advocate for parents’ needs.

Coronavirus and social distancing are putting stress on families and communities, and affecting parents with child welfare system involvement. Rise is dedicated to building the power of parents affected by the child welfare system. As parents, the Rise team is here for you. If you are a parent with a child in … Read More

Rise Recommendations to Address Schools’ Over-Reporting to Child Protective Services

The Rise series Surveillance Isn’t Safety began with a focus on schools because NYC schools call in 26% of NYC reports to the state child abuse and neglect hotline. Parents have described the harm caused to their families when schools did not support them, but then reported them. 

Here, Rise highlights steps that the Department of Education (DOE) and individual schools, as well as our city and state child welfare agencies, ACS and OFCS, and others can take to better support families and reduce unnecessary reports.

Series: Surveillance Isn’t Safety

Introduction: Surveillance Isn’t SafetyHow Over-Reporting and CPS Monitoring Stress Families and Weaken CommunitiesSeries edited by Rachel Blustain, Rise Contributing Editor

When Schools Over-ReportSeries edited by Rachel Blustain, Rise Contributing Editor

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