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Guiding parents…
“My cousin is in a drug treatment program and was handed a copy of Rise magazine. He didn’t expect to see my face and my life story inside. He was shocked, but he went on to share my story with the other men in the home. I hope it will help him make a turn for the better. It's amazing that I have been blessed with a chance to help people with my story."
———————Louis Angel, parent contributor

…. practitioners…
“Rise captures the emotion and humanity of these parents. The system often (despite best intentions) reduces parents to a "case;" we must change this. Rise does a great job in presenting the humanity of the parents and their pain—it resonates! I often find that parents and youth in foster care are not very different my children and me. The more I realize how close their lives, their tragedies and their aspirations are to mine, the greater my empathy. This helps me maintain perspective.”
———————Jeremy Kohomban,
———————Executive Director Children’s Village
———————New York foster care agency

…and foster parents:
”The articles in Rise are so real. They address some of the same issues we as foster parents encounter. How quickly should reunification proceed? What are reasonable expectations as a child moves home? What is the role of family therapy in reunification? How can an attorney help with reunification efforts? How can parents deal with the ways the past influences the present as they parent their child?

The parents published in Rise lay their souls open for inspection. They share the experiences they have had with their children, and they share their fears. Walking in the shoes of the authors of the stories in Rise expanded my understanding of birth families.”
———————Becky Burmester, foster parent,
———— — — Fostering Perspectives contributor

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