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Healing Together
A resource guide to parent-child therapy in New York City.

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Most parents whose children enter foster care are required to take parenting classes. Usually, that has meant going to a weekly class where an instructor talks with parents about children’s development, family routines, discipline and safety. However, another kind of parenting program is parent-child therapy, where a parent and her infant or toddler play together with the support of a therapist. The therapist gets to know the parent and the baby, helps them connect through play, and supports the parent in understanding and responding to the child’s emotional needs.

In New York City, parent-child therapy is now available in every borough—for parents with children in foster care, and for those reaching out for support on their own. This special resource guide from Rise includes stories by real parents who have gone to parent-child therapy as well as a list of organizations that provide this service.

‘It Helps You Create That Special Bond’
Two mothers explain how parent-child therapy helped them.

Where to Find Parent-Child Therapy

Starting Strong
Two mothers explain how parent-child therapy helped them.

Seen and Heard
I was able to listen to my son when I felt heard.

There Is Always a Way Forward
Therapy showed me I could build a better future for myself and my children.

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