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Issue #27
Facing Race in Child Welfare

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Children of color—especially Black and Native American children—enter foster care at higher rates than White children and stay in care longer. Research in some places has found that, even when cases are similar, families of color are treated differently than White families.

Change is possible when child welfare systems, parents and communities confront race in child welfare and take action. This issue explores parents’ perspectives and roles in reform.

The Color of Hope
Race can affect whether parents get the support to overcome.

Race to the Top
Paying attention to race in child welfare is a first step to system change.

Like The Sky Being Blue
When I started working in child welfare, I was shocked by the institutional racism.

First You Have to Gain Our Trust
Parents’ prescriptions for keeping kids of color out of foster care.

Brokering Change
Parents and community leaders are key in reducing Black children in foster care.

Black, Male, Addicted–and Underestimated
The child welfare system assumed I didn’t belong in my children’s lives.

Order of Protection
Free legal services before removal can keep poor children safe at home.

‘Let All That Is Indian Within You Die’
Recognizing America’s brutal legacy with Native American families.

The Courage to Tell Their Stories
In South Dakota, Native Americans organize for change.

At the Table
Involving parent advocates before removal can help prevent unnecessary placements.

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