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Rise Workbooks

These anthologies compile our best stories along with discussion guides and journal reflection worksheets for each story. Each workbook is a readymade parent support group curriculum. Bring parents' true stories to parenting classes. Use in staff and foster parent training.
A Time to Bond

A Time to Bond
A parent-to-parent guide to visits with children in foster care
#CW-BND-RISE, 90 pp. $12
The seven true stories in A Time to Bond show how parents have succeeded in bonding with children in foster care during visits. Lessons and worksheets give you the tools to use the stories in a parent support group, parenting education classes, or one-on-one discussions. Parents learn from the true stories of their peers:

Building a Bridge

Building a Bridge
Stories about building collaboration between parents and foster parents
#CW-BRD, 130 pp. $18.95
20 stories by parents, foster parents, and teens + 14 worksheets
Positive relationships between parents and foster parents help children feel more secure in care and adjust more easily after reunification. Ideal for staff and foster parent training.

It Won't Happen Again

It Won't Happen Again
Stories about reunification by parents affected by the child welfare system
#CW-REUN, 82 pp. $12.00
Nine stories and worksheets
When children act out after reunification, parents often feel overwhelmed. Help parents understand children’s fear and anger and learn healthy responses that other parents have used to repair relationships with their children.

Healing Ourselves, Healing Our Children

Healing Ourselves, Healing Our Children
A parent-to-parent guide to helping children through family crises.
#CW-HIST, 86 pp. $12.00
10 stories and worksheets
Parents who grew up with chaos, trauma, or family separation need guidance to build safe, nurturing homes. Parents will feel capable of setting routines, improving communication, and using positive discipline when they read these stories by their peers.

Breaking a Painful Pattern

Breaking a Painful Pattern
A parent-to-parent guide to overcoming addiction and reconnecting with your children.
Breaking a Painful Pattern is a workbook designed to support and guide parents who are in recovery from an addiction. It includes true stories by parents who have successfully overcome addiction and reconnected with their children. It also includes interviews with experts on addiction recovery. Lessons and worksheets make it easy to use the stories in parent groups or in one-on-one sessions between a parent and treatment counselor, child welfare caseworker, or parent advocate.


Rise Booklets

It's OK to Need Support and One Step at a Time were designed for distribution at New York City Initial Child Safety Conferences. Parent community representatives who guide parents at these conferences—where the decision is made whether to place a child in foster care—selected these Rise stories to support parents in crisis.

'It's OK to Need Support'

'It's OK to Need Support'
A parent-to-parent guide to family support services
24 pp. / 21 stories FREE
If you need help keeping your children safe or resolving family conflicts, the stories in this booklet will help you find the support you need and take steps to protect your children and yourself.



One Step at a Time

One Step at a Time
A parent-to-parent guide to the child welfare system
32 pp. / 26 stories FREE
If your children have been removed, the stories in this booklet will take you step by step through the process of reunifying with your children.



Nuestras Historias

Huestras Historias
Nuestras Histories is a collection of 10 stories in Spanish about parenting by Mexican-American immigrant mothers. Stories explore the challenges these mothers face maintaining safe and stable homes and supporting their children and families while living in a new culture. Stories were developed in a writing workshop at the Center for Family Life in Sunset Park.

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