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From Rights to Reality
A plan for parent advocacy and family-centered child welfare reform
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From Rights to Reality is designed to unite parents and parent advocacy around a common set of goals. It identifies 15 rights for parents affected by the child welfare system. Most parents do not yet have these rights in child welfare proceedings. From Rights to Reality represents a commitment to working in our communities and nationwide to make these rights a reality.

Click below to learn more about each of the 15 parent rights. Read the introduction here. Click here to download From Rights to Reality.


Parent Advocacy Organization List

If you are looking for support or want to get involved with a parent advocacy organization in your community, click here for a list of organizations nationwide. All of these organizations have been involved in developing parent-led child welfare reform in some way.

If you’re a parent and you would like to write about your experiences advocating for child welfare reform, or if your organization should be listed here and is not, please contact Rise Editor Nora McCarthy at nora@risemagazine.org or at (718) 260-8818.


Stories About Parent Advocacy

‘There Is Another Way’
Men in Colorado speak up to stop abuse.

No Recourse
Illinois parents try to stop family separations by taking the child welfare system to court.

‘You Can Do This’
Creating a booklet to help Massachusetts parents in crisis.

Families’ Counsel
New Jersey parents to advise the commish.

It Takes a Neighborhood
I’m working to break the cycle of foster care for my community.

From the Outside In
Parents need an independent voice.

Parents Helping Parents
At the Child Welfare Organizing Project, we give each other the knowledge to fight.

Turning Pain into a Positive
Parents’ advocacy is changing the system.

Helping the System Get it Right

Using Our Experiences to Make a Difference
Organizing for system change in New York City.

Held Hostage
Family court delays have devastated my family.

Love Isn't Written in a Court Order
Helping the system remember the strength of family bonds.

Supporting Parents in Crisis
Community Representatives help parents facing removal to advocate for themselves.

Listening to Parents
Providers in my neighborhood are reaching out to families.

Women Raise Their Voices
Survivors advocate for child welfare system changes.

Raising My Voice for Parents Inside
Advocating to change a law’s impact on prisoners.

At the Table
Policymakers and parents come together for system change.

Fighting for Families
Giving parents the information they need to succeed.

‘I Am Your Voice’
Working from inside the system to support parents.

‘What Can I Do?’
Parent advocates at foster care agencies are there to help you.

An Ally Inside
Helping parents find the strength to love themselves.

Lesson Learned
The second time ACS came knocking, I found someone who stood up for me.

Raising My Voice for Families
I testified before Congress so other parents can get the support that’s helped me.

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