Writing Groups

Rise writers develop their stories through a painstaking draft process. Our writing workshops offer parents a safe place to reflect on their experiences, connect with peers and tell their stories. A typical workshop includes 6-8 parents and meets for two hours each week for 16 weeks. Rise runs writing groups at community partners including advocacy organizations, legal providers, foster care agencies and family support programs. Contact nora@risemagazine.org to bring a Rise workshop to your organization.

Five Parents Graduate from Rise’s Writing Workshop at Graham Windham

Rise writing workshop graduates Lindsay Reilly, Adisha Garner, Latoya Fitzgerald and Rebecca Mohammed, pictured here with Rise’s Nora McCarthy and Graham Windham’s Jess Dannhauser and Peggy Gibbs, presented their stories to family members and Graham staff March 20, 2015. Not pictured is graduate Lakisha Johnson. Parents in this 16-week workshop wrote stories examining the challenges–and their strengths–in keeping up hope while their children are in foster care.

Graham Windham Offers Rise Writing Group for Parents: ‘We Want to Really Learn from the Parents We Serve’

Jess: Graham Windham is a child welfare and youth development agency in New York City. About a year and half ago we sat down and talked about what we could do to further our support for parents. When we started to talk with parents about what they value, they said they valued their relationships with peers.

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