Staff Training

Rise believes that effective training of child welfare professionals must include the voices of parents. We work with partners to integrate our stories into training so that frontline caseworkers and supervisors, parent and child attorneys, and foster parents can more deeply understand parents’ perspectives. Rise staff also lead staff training on parents’ perspectives. Our newest initiative is a writing group for frontline foster care staff to share their experiences working with parents in order to improve frontline practice.

CWLA Webinar on Parent Trauma in Child Welfare Includes Rise Stories and Presenter

Parent stories illuminate the impact trauma can have on parents in child welfare in a CWLA webinar, Parent Trauma and What Child Welfare Workers Need to Know. Co-presented by Rise Director Nora McCarthy, NYU Child Study Center’s Erika Tullberg and Connie Black-Pond of the Southwest Michigan Children’s Trauma Assessment Center, the webinar describes trauma symptoms and how caseworkers may notice trauma-based responses in parents in child welfare settings. The separation, loss of control, shame and power … Read More

Sheltering Arms Hosts Rise Writing Workshops for Frontline Staff

Sheltering Arms partnered with Rise in 2015-16 to run two writing workshops for foster care agency staff. Stories focused on the steps staff have taken to work effectively and establish positive relationships with parents. After the first writing group in spring 2015, staff shared their stories with Sheltering Arms senior leadership, and two participants read their stories at a Sheltering Arms board meeting. Rise published the first installment in Spring 2016, along with parent-written articles about working … Read More

Rise Parents Lead Staff Training at Center for Family Representation

Rise Writers Piazadora Footman and Latoya Fitzgerald presented parents’ perspectives on the foster care and court process to lawyers at the Center for Family Representation on Feb. 12, 2015. In this half-day training, Pia and Toya answered questions about their experiences, Rise Director Nora McCarthy described Rise’s resources, and Rise brainstormed with CFR staff about using parent stories more frequently as a tool for educating and engaging parents.

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