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Why Rise Matters to Me: Ron Richter, Judge

I’m a family court judge who decides domestic violence and custody cases in Queens Family Court. I was also the commissioner of the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) in New York City for two-and-a-half years, until last December.

While I was at ACS, I invited Rise writers to read their stories and speak on a panel in front of about 300 managers at an ACS Leadership Forum. Rise writers also spoke at an ACS Convening on … Read More

Why Rise Matters to Me: Michele Cortese, Center for Family Representation

I’m the deputy director at the Center for Family Representation, which represents parents who are charged in Family Court in Manhattan or Queens with allegations of neglect or abuse. We use Rise stories in three ways.

First, we use Rise in initial training and orientation for new staff. We have teams that work with parents—lawyers, social workers and parent advocates. Our parent advocates are parents who  themselves had child welfare cases and some … Read More

Why Rise Matters to Me: Jim Dossett, Parent

An unexplained … Read More

Graham Windham Offers Rise Writing Group for Parents: ‘We Want to Really Learn from the Parents We Serve’

Jess: Graham Windham is a child welfare and youth development agency in New York City. About a year and half ago we sat down and talked about what we could do to further our support for parents. When we started to talk with parents about what they value, they said they valued their relationships with peers.

We thought that a Rise writing … Read More