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Why Rise Matters to Me: David Meyers, Parent Attorney

I run a nonprofit law firm, Dependency Legal Services, that represents parents and children in child welfare cases in six Northern California counties. I first came across Rise at the American Bar Association conference for parent attorneys.

In a variety of ways, Rise is the right tool for the job.

One thing we are all learning about child welfare is that one of the biggest problems parents deal with is isolation. When I have a … Read More

Why Rise Matters to Me: Graham Windham

Interview with Jess Dannhauser, Lynn Brown, Kym Hardy Watson and Peggy Gibbs

We thought that a Rise writing … Read More

Why Rise Matters to Me: China Krys Darrington, Parent and Advocate

Since 2007, I have worked as a recovery coach in Ohio. I cheerlead people in early recovery to get through the scary stuff—usually the first 60 days of being clean. Through the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program, I also train social workers, caseworkers and treatment professionals.

In 2003, I lost custody of my daughter, got pregnant, and ended up voluntarily terminating my rights to the baby. What I know now is very different from what … Read More

Why Rise Matters to Me: Center for the Study of Social Policy

Interview with Martha Raimon and Steve Cohen

Martha: The Center for the Study of Social Policy (CSSP) is a nonprofit designed to influence public policy that affects children and families, and to provide technical assistance to states and jurisdictions testing new ideas and policies in child welfare, early childhood education and community development.

The Center is always looking to embed more authentic parent and youth voice in our work but it’s a work in progress. … Read More

Why Rise Matters to Me: Randy Block, Parents Helping Parents

I’m the executive director of Parents Helping Parents, an organization in Massachusetts that provides parent support services. We run parent support groups and a parental stress hotline.

I learned about Rise almost 8 years ago when I was working on a project to develop a handbook for parents facing the child welfare system in Massachusetts. A member of our group invited Rise’s director, Nora McCarthy, to talk with us about Rise. I thought, “That sounds … Read More