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False and Malicious CPS Reports: Why NY Should End Anonymous Reporting

A new bill introduced in the NY State Legislature would replace anonymous child abuse and neglect reports with confidential reports, requiring callers to the State Central Registry to provide identifying information when making a report.

Many parents at Rise have shared their stories of how perpetrators of domestic violence wield the child welfare system as a weapon to further dynamics of power, control and abuse. VOW (Voices of Women) has been working to address the issue of false and malicious reports of child abuse and neglect through their Rights of Children Campaign. Here, Raquel Singh, executive director of VOW, and Johnnie Lee Fielder, domestic violence advocate, discuss how replacing anonymous reporting with confidential reporting could make a difference.

Know Your Rights Presentations by CFR and Rise

Join the Center for Family Representation and Rise for a two-part virtual conversation!

The first presentation will focus on the implications of an ACS report and how you can advocate for yourself and your family. The second presentation will focus on the State Central Register (SCR).

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Join Rise for a Community Conversation!

Rise invites parents and Parent Advocates impacted by the child welfare system to join us for a Community Conversation about how we can better meet the needs of families impacted by the child welfare system.