Bianca Shaw, Co-Executive Director

Bianca supports Rise’s staff to ensure that our organizational culture, programs and outcomes are aligned with Rise’s mission and values.

Since 2012, Bianca’s work has been to amplify the voice and experiences of those most impacted by systems of harm and oppression. Through popular education and healing practices, she has supported the leadership development of people living with HIV/AIDS and those who have faced chronic homelessness, substance use and mass incarceration. 

Bianca joined Rise because she believes deeply in the power of storytelling. For people who have been historically marginalized, their truths are often buried, re-written or denied. Rise creates space for parents impacted by the child welfare system to share their experiences, call for accountability and ultimately, change the system. 

Bianca is a graduate of Hunter College School of Social Work where she focused on Community Organizing, Planning and Development. She joined Rise as Public Speaking Director in 2018, was promoted to Assistant Director for Programs and Culture in 2020 and became Co-Executive Director in June 2021.