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May 2015 Web Exclusive
illustration by Kaite Martin

I am 19 years old, married with two sons. I am surrounded by love and family. However it was not always like this for me.>>>Read More

illustration by Edward Cortez

The Ackerman Institute’s Center for the Developing Child and Family in New York has partnered with New York City Children’s Services to train foster parents and staff at mother-child residences, and is beginning trainings in Washington D.C. Here, Martha Edwards, the Center’s director, explains how staff and foster parents can support the mother-child bond:>>>Read More

story art  

Rise Issue #28 Winter 2015
Generations in Foster Care

When you grow up in foster care and become a mother, your greatest hope is that you’ll get to be your child’s Mommy. Yet mothers who grew up in foster care are at high risk of having their own children removed.

This is the first issue in a series on what it takes for young mothers who grew up in foster care to build stable families. This issue looks at the painful relationship between child welfare systems and the mothers they helped raise.>>>Read More

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