Series: Surveillance Isn’t Safety

Introduction: Surveillance Isn’t Safety

How Over-Reporting and CPS Monitoring Stress Families and Weaken Communities
Series edited by Rachel Blustain, Rise Contributing Editor

When Schools Over-Report
Series edited by Rachel Blustain, Rise Contributing Editor

Personal Essays

No Escape: The system failed me as a child but now it won’t leave me alone.
by Sarah Harris

The System Allowed My Ex to Use Investigations as a Weapon Against Me
by Lou H

A Punishment Worse than the Crime: I was charged with abuse but my kids were harmed in foster care.
by Shakira Paige

My Broken Life: My kids were never taken but child protective services hurt my son and me so much.
by Anonymous

We Just Needed Support: Instead, ACS tore us apart.
by Careena Farmer

Diplomacy and Determination: When I had a conflict with my son’s school, I was able to get what my family needed by being both respectful and strong.
by Anonymous

Interviews and Opinion

New Research: How Fear of CPS Harms Families
by Keyna Franklin and Careena Farmer

When Schools Use Child Welfare as a Weapon: What a reporter learned investigating malicious reports.
by Keyna Franklin

What Parents Need to Know: School Reports to CPS, Communicating with the School, and Advocating for Your Child
by Ray Watson, Shakira Paige, Sarah Harris and Keyna Franklin

How to Get School-Based Supports for Your Child
by Cynthia Zizola, Shakira Paige, Ray Watson, Keyna Franklin and Melissa Landrau