New Publication: Rise Visiting TIPS

Rise’s new TIPS handouts offer parents clear information and peer guidance to navigate their cases. Developed in partnership with parents and frontline staff at three NYC foster care agencies, this set of TIPS focuses on visits. Caseworkers and parents advocates can use the TIPS to orient parents when their children enter foster care and to support parents who are struggling.

Making the Most of Visits offers guidance from a parent advocate on creating routines, playing, handling tough questions, and saying goodbye in a positive way.

What You Need to Know provides basic information about how parents can get more family time with their kids – and what will set visits back.

Handling Painful Feelings acknowledges the challenges of visiting, especially for parents who have experienced trauma.

Helping Children Heal explains attachment and guides parents in connecting with children who are angry, hurt and sad.

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The visiting TIPS build on three concepts: attachment, trauma and toxic stress. Parents often need information about the routines, activities and discipline approaches that can build secure attachment. Trauma can make it difficult for parents and children to feel safe and connect during visits. Toxic stress can make it difficult for parents to stay calm and plan ahead.

The TIPS provide simple information – illustrated by the stories of real parents – to give caseworkers and parents a common language for understanding what’s expected in visits and for solving problems.